I’m Corey. I am a Certified Health Education Specialist and my day job is implement health promotion programs in a public health setting. I make healthy eating, physical activity, and cancer prevention fun! I get to talk with groups of people young and old about their barriers to healthy lifestyles, listen to what’s holding them back, and try to brainstorm the best ways to get them over their hump. For the past two and a half years, most of my audience has been children ages 6-11 because healthy habits stick when you learn them from the start! But maybe they don’t stick for everyone…sorry, Mom. But I’d love to share my skills and knowledge with you, a different population than I am exposed to at work.

My evening job is to chase a four-year-old around while I try to find something in the house everyone will eat, then work on homework for grad school, then hope there is time to pay attention to my very supportive husband. So when do I find time for health? Now. Now is my time. If now is the time for you, let’s do this together! If soon is the time for you, that’s awesome! At the very least, I hope I can inspire you to use evidence-based health information in your decision making.